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Data Center Migration

Migrated secondary Data Center for an 800 billion dollar financial asset management corporation to a new hosted Data Center facility on time under budget with zero affect on client access to IT Infrastructure.

Moved Small Business Server to Cloud

A small business sought assistance moving their physical server to hosted cloud service. This was implemented by moving shared folders to Dropbox and setting up an AWS server to replace the office server and re-configuring the existing office server as a print server. This protected the client's critical data and reduced the risk of the physical server theft.

Developed FailSafe TM Fail over Management Application and appliance

Created "FailSafe" TM a proprietary middleware application, applince and SolarWinds console for managing fail-over of Cisco, Juniper, F5 and Palo Alto devices. Path designs, implements and manages Data Center fail over to secondary and tertiary devices routinely and seamlessly and integrates Disaster recovery planning and execution into a shared console for real time Enterprise fail over management. Path will not rest until every data center has implemented Path FailSafe and made itself impervious to natural disaster, power and cooling disruption.

Path FailSafe Data Center Deployment Integration project with Cloudflare
Path contracted with Cloudflare to be their sole supplier of fail over management hardware, software and services.  
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