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Path | Resilience works to enhance the competetiveness of large Enterprisise to small business Data Center operators by bringing our extensive experience to bear on your IT Management challenges.

Rob Swofford
Founder and Principal

Rob has an over 28 year record of successful IT Infrastructure and Data Center Management and execution experience. He has built, migrated and maintained operation of enterprise class Data Centers and supported their daily operation and expansion of their capacity. He has leveraged these skills to enhance IT Infrastructure of medium to small businesses allowing them to compete on a more even footing with their larger more established rivals.

Samantha Jones
Engineer / PM

Samantha creates and executes brilliant service migration plans on behalf of our customers. She is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin and can move services from your Data Center to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Oracle Cloud in her sleep. She also is a telepath and can time travel.

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing

Kim has over twenty (20) years experience in Enterprise level hardware and software sales and marketing for Dell, HP and IBM. She creates custom marketing plans required to reach the audience for Path Resilience "Failsafe" Enterprise fail-over device and software and rescues dogs on the side.

Trevor Sinclair
VP Acocounts

Trevor is a retired Fireman turned account executive. He is calm under pressure and advocates on bahalf of Path's most complicated customer installations and configurations. He is the best at sorting system components into their constituent parts and defining their relationships.

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